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When ready to begin your home search let us help you get started the right way!  Being prepared, and starting the search with the right mindset will make your home purchasing experience is a positive one.

We invite you to  Contact us for more information, or to setup a private buyer’s consultation appointment in person at Ralph's office.  We look forward to working with you!

Buying Process




The Home Buying Process...

Step 1: Buyer’s Consultation

We believe in evaluating a home buyer’s wants and needs through an organized and professional manner, while in a comfortable setting.

We encourage our prospective home buyer clients to participate in an initial, no-obligation Buyer’s Consultation.

This introductory meeting will allow us to learn more about you and your search for your next home and gives you the opportunity to meet with us to ultimately decide if we’re the right agent for you. Many home buyers overlook this very important first step.

Step 2: Meet with a mortgage banker or broker

We recommend home buyers consult with a mortgage lender immediately upon deciding to begin the home search. By working with a reputable lender right away, you will have a much better understanding of your home purchasing budget, and will feel confident throughout the home buying process.

We will gladly recommend local mortgage bankers and brokers to work.  Even if you have unique circumstances or have recently changed your employment, we can direct you accordingly.

Step 3: The fun part! Looking at homes in person!

As your buyer’s agent we will conduct property searches that match the criteria discussed during our Buyer Consultation.  We will coordinate scheduling of showing appointments, travel arrangements (when needed), and continuously monitor the market for new listing inventory to show you!

Step 4: Structuring the purchase offer

There may be other considerations besides price that are equally important in structuring a purchase offer. The terms and conditions of the offer, the amount of deposit and the possession date are likely to be factors when an offer is made. We will help and advise the best way to structure your opening offer to begin negotiations.

Step 5: Develop a negotiation strategy

When a purchase offer is made the sellers may be concerned with certain aspects, including the ability of the purchasers to fulfill their agreement, the terms and conditions of the offer, the breakdown of closing costs between buyer and seller and even the motivations and lifestyle of the prospective new owners. We will help you structure a negotiating strategy that will create the desired result, a new home.

Step 6: Inspection of the home and grounds

We recommend home buyers hire licensed home inspectors, as well oil tank and septic tank inspectors (when applicable) after coming to an accepted offer with the seller.

Step 7: Handling all the details

A lot has to happen between signing the purchase contract and moving into your new home. Rest assured we will tend to the details and keep you in touch with every portion of the transaction each step of the way.


Step 8: Close and take the keys!

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