Ralph Ragette Jr.
Associate Real Estate Broker

Ralph Ragette Jr. Associate Real Estate Broker

Ralph has made a name for himself as one of Westchester County’s most innovative and top producing agents since joining his family’s real estate firm in 2003.

Bringing more than a decade of experience to every transaction, distinguished buyers and sellers entrust in Ralph to guide them through every step of the real estate process. The goal is always the same – to provide the highest level of personal service while ensuring that all client objectives are met with exceeded expectations.

It is with this motivation that Ralph grew his business by nearly 40% during the past seven years, accumulating more than 145 transactions throughout Westchester County.

Ralph is passionate about continuing the success of his family’s real estate business; founded by his great-great grandfather 1885. As with past generations, Ralph has a strong belief in uncompromising client loyalty and has developed a reputation for thoroughness, honesty, and excellence. His advice and communication are always truthful, direct and straightforward, which has created an extensive network of referral and repeat business.


Licenses & Certifications

» Associate Real Estate Broker
» Certified Distressed Property Expert® 


» Hudson Gateway Association of REALTORS®
» New York State Association of REALTORS®
» National Association of REALTORS®
» Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service®

Since 2010, Ralph has completed over 140 transactions.

About Me Parrallax

“The most knowledgeable real estate agent I met all of last year. Made my entire experience completely turnkey and easy. I highly recommended to anyone in the Westchester, NY area.”

Danny Giardullo – Bronxville, NY

Properties Ralph has sold include:

65 Joyce Road in Eastchester was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

65 Joyce Road, Eastchester
Sold for $10,000 above original asking.
Closed in 91 days. Represented the SELLER.


2661 Route 35, Katonah
14 B Van Renssalaer Road, Katonah

33 Barker Avenue, 3D, White Plains
5 Sadore Lane, 1K, Yonkers
61 Bronx River Road, 5B, Yonkers
5 Sadore Lane, 3J, Yonkers
23 Old Mamaroneck Road, 1M, White Plains
765 Bronx River Road, 6A, Bronxville


28 Elm Road in Katonah was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr


28 Elm Road, Katonah
Negotiated $38,500 off the asking price.
Ralph represented the BUYER.


1444 Boston Post Road, 2H, Mamaroneck
345 Bronx River Road, 5E, Yonkers
64 Salem Road, Carmel
55 N. Broadway, 2-23, White Plains
90 Parkway South, Mt Vernon

54 Pine Street, Yonkers
517 Riverdale Avenue, 5H, Yonkers

415 Gramatan Avenue, 2C, Mt Vernon


210 Pelham Road, 3J in New Rochelle was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

210 Pelham Road, 3J, New Rochelle
Ralph was a Dual Agent between SELLER and BUYER.


24 Dehaven Drive, 2D, Yonkers
6 Bryant Crescent, 2IJ, White Plains
3 Franklin Ave, 5N, Yonkers
331A W Post Road, White Plains
2 Overlook Road, 2A3, White Plains
23 Old Mamaroneck Road, 3J, White Plains
11 Glen Road, Ardsley
12 Pheasant Walk, 1C,  Peekskill


5 Lawrence Park Crescent in Bronxville was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

5 Lawrence Park Crescent, Bronxville
Negotiated Multiple Offers to Full Asking Price.
Under contract in 21 days. Ralph represented the SELLER.


5 Bryant Crescent, 2M, White Plains
290 Collins Ave, 5A, Mount Vernon
7 Balint Drive, Unit 528, Yonkers
1305 Eagles Ridge Road, 1305, Brewster
379 Sherman Avenue, Hawthorne
520 Tuckahoe Road, 2B, Yonkers

174 Garth Road, 4R Scarsdale
737 Tuckahoe Road, 23, Yonkers


110 Mill River Road in South Salem was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

110 Mill River Road, South Salem
Negotiated $220,000 Off of Asking Price.
Closed in under 45 days. Ralph represented the BUYER.


143 Gaylor Road, Scarsdale
846 Palmer Road, AA, Bronxville
25 Stewart Place Unit, 418, Mt Kisco
55 N. Broadway, 1-9F, White Plains


19 Mount Holly Drive in Rye was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

19 Mount Holly Drive, Rye
Negotiated $140,000 off of selling price.
Ralph represented relocation BUYER from Pepsico.


26 Lark Avenue, White Plains
127 Woodcock Knolls, Cross River
461 Heritage Hills, B, Somers
245 Parkview Avenue, 2H, Bronxville
100 East Hartsdale Avenue, MJE, Hartsdale
846 N. Broadway, Yonkers
33 Barker Avenue, 7A, White Plains

431 First Avenue, Pelham


406 Rich Avenue in Mount Vernon was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

406 Rich Ave, Mount Vernon
Sold for 96% of asking price.
Ralph Represented the SELLER.


345 Bronx River Road, 3E, Yonkers
1 Balint Drive, 268, Yonkers
3504 Victoria Drive, Mount Kisco
3155 Quinlan Street, Yorktown
31 Somerset Road, Mahopac
143 Chelsea Street, Hawthorne
50 Cross Street, 15, Yonkers
611 Palmer Road, 5T, Bronxville


28 Urban Street in Mount Vernon was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

28 Urban Street, Mount Vernon
Negotiated $89,000 (15%) off of selling price.
Ralph represented the BUYER.


1 Franklin Ave, 5G, White Plains
9 Campus Place, 1B, Scarsdale
300 Martine Ave, 9L, White Plains
90 Union Street, 4B, New Rochelle
4 Sadore Lane, 4U, Yonkers
1 Franklin Avenue, 3B, White Plains
143 Garth Road, 1L, Scarsdale
1296 Midland Avenue, C7, Yonkers


2951 Sherman Court in Mohegan Lake was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

2951 Sherman Court, Mohegan Lake
Negotiated to 98% of Asking Price. Under Contract in 34 Days.
Ralph represented the SELLER.


2 Linwick Place, Yonkers
10 Cottage Place, 5G, White Plains
314 Livingston Road, 205W, Mamaroneck
42 Hazelton Road, Yonkers
302 Richbell Road, A2, Mamaroneck
255 Deer Hill, South Salem

15 Kisco Park Drive, Mount Kisco
475 Bronx River Road, 3H, Yonkers
135 4 South Highland Ave, B4, Ossining
828 Pelhamdale Avenue, 3B, New Rochelle

2 Rosedale Avenue, Hasting-on-Hudson
1155 Warburton Avenue, 11K, Yonkers
22 Leewood Circle, 4L, Eastchester
270 N. Broadway, 2B, Yonkers


29 Abeel Street, 6L in Yonkers was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

29 Abeel Street, 6L, Yonkers
Ralph was a Dual Agent
between SELLER and BUYER.


11 Chestnut Avenue, Pelham
95 North Broadway, C1-6, White Plains
17 Odell Avenue, Yonkers
103 West Scenic Drive, Croton-on-Hudson
611 Palmer Road, 4N, Bronxville
146 Primrose Avenue, Mt Vernon
49 S Rockledge Road, 12E, Bronxville

14 Birch Drive, Mount Kisco


530 Palmer Avenue in Mamaroneck was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

530 Palmer Avenue, Mamaroneck
Sold for 99% of asking price.  Multiple Offers.
Ralph represented Family Trust as SELLER.


155 Ferris Avenue, 12E, White Plains
54 Cook Avenue, Yonkers
100 Haines Road, 1008, Bedford Hills

485 Bronx River Road, C51, Yonkers
10 Leewood Circle, 5R, Eastchester
413 Park View, Yonkers
84 Waring Place, Yonkers
62 Carey Street, Mahopac


90 Bryant Avenue, 6BB in White Plains was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

90 Bryant Ave, 6BB, White Plains
Negotiated Offers to $21,000 Above Asking Price.
Under contract in 28 days. Represented the SELLER.


1 Franklin Ave, 5G, White Plains
1 Wyndover Woods, 17, White Plains
300 Martine Ave, 7I, White Plains
1523 Central Park Avenue, 17H, Yonkers

475 Bronx River Road, 3H, Yonkers
35 Parkview Avenue, 4L, Bronxville
13 Ronalds Lane, New Rochelle
415 Gramatan Avenue, 4C, Mt Vernon


28 Archer Drive in Bronxville was sold by Ralph Ragette Jr

28 Archer Drive, Bronxville
Negotiated Offers to Full Asking Price.
Ralph represented the SELLER.


15 Sylvia Way, Purdys
5 Franklin Avenue, 6R, White Plains
519 Furnace Dock Road, Cortlandt Manor
370 Westchester Avenue, 4U, Port Chester
10 Wild Oaks Road, 215, Goldens Bridge
220 Pelham Road, 6B, New Rochelle

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